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Since forming in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2013, Elephant Convoy has become one of the most exciting up and coming bands on the east coast. While the band’s biggest influence is roots reggae that derived from Jamaica decades earlier, they also draw inspiration from the dancehall, electronic, and hip hop genres to create their authentically modern reggae sound.

The band orginally was an outlet for brothers Javier and Daniel Rodriguez and close friend Graham Rattray to connect over and collaborate within the genre they love: roots reggae. Soon after they added colorful guitarist/vocalist Michael Eakins & pocket keyboard player Patrick Mosca. Now a 5-piece they began to solidify the big instrumental sound they are known for today, which led to playing regional tours up and down the East Coast.

During this period of time, Elephant Convoy shared the stage with acts such as Collie Buddz, Tribal Seeds, The Expendables, J Boog, The Wailers, Through The Roots, RDGLDGRN, The Movement, Passafire, & many more.

The band is currently working with prized producer Joel Aloise from Zion Within Productions and the award-wining studios Hourglass Studios / Lion & Fox Studios on their new album “Take Me Home” which is to be released Spring 2018.

As a diverse group of individuals, the band’s vision has always been to use music to create and preserve oneness between people from all walks of life. Their coastal attitude and socially conscious mindset show in their music through their use of heavy bass, driving melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics.